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Loomas Attending 2016 Sydney Show

Sydney based gourmet cake maker Looma’s is attending the 2016 Royal Easter Show for the fifth consecutive year, showcasing their quality macarons, profiteroles and cakes to 900,000+ attendees at the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome.

In addition to offering their delicious sweets, Looma’s will be promoting their cake delivery Sydney service, which has become increasingly more popular over the last couple years due to the continuous enhancement of their online store

Looma’s stand will feature popular cakes include their Ferrero Rocher cake, lemon cheesecake and blueberry cheesecake, in addition to the range of macarons and croquembouche they have become famous for.

To learn more about Looma’s and their gourmet cakes Sydney delivery service visit their website or view their press releases on ARGT Media.

Charter Build Partners With Air Liquide To Update Their Sydney Headquarters.

Charter Build Logo Since 1957 Air Liquide Australia have been the leaders in the air and gas market. Air Liquide in Australia is part of the Air Liquide group, the world’s largest industrial gas company. It specialises in industrial gases including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. As well as being the largest supplier of carbon dioxide and dry ice, Air Liquide is a market leader in home health care services.

Based in Sydney, Air Liquide Australia engaged Charter Build to refurbish their head office. Spread over 1500 square metre the Air Liquide team where looking for a floor plan that breathed life back into their workplace. Top of their requirement list was the adaptive reuse of the existing workstations and reducing the under utilised space with smart office design.

“What was great about this project, was Air Liquide’s motivation to reuse their existing furniture,“ said Jane Bright, Design Director, Charter Build. “All the desks and workstations had been looked after so well, with some innovative space planning and a few additional key parts, we were able to save the company thousands of dollars, as well as reduce our impact on the environment.”

Charter Build successfully completed this project while the Air Liquide team were still working in the building. “By dividing the space into 3 parts, we were able to “zone” the building works using a temporary wall system” said Shane Bradbery, Project Manager. He went on to say, “Disruption to the staff was minimised by building the project after hours in each zone”.

About Charter Build

Over the past 15 years Charter Build has designed, built and delivered over 400 office fitout projects, both in Sydney and interstate. Since inception they have built an exceptional team of interior designers and construction specialists who believe in the same core principles.

As technology becomes more and more important in the office, Charter Build have continually upgraded their knowledge, as well as introducing new skills and resources into the business, to keep pace with the changes. This continual development, always looking forward not backwards, makes Charter Build the robust, highly-skilled and resourceful organisation it is today.

To learn more about Charter Build visit their website.

Australian Lending Centre Produces Bad Credit Loans Focus Website

 Bad Credit Loans Website   Australian Lending Centre, one of the country’s largest providers and leading suppliers of alternative loan products, debt consolidation services and refinancing has launched a website to assist borrowers, especially those suffering with bad credit in meeting their financial problems. I’m sure you and I would agree that having bad credit is a major stumbling block in acquiring a loan as you’re considered as a high risk customer, but just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. Bad credit loans actually help out people who have made financial mistakes in the past so they can get back on their feet. This kind of loan though usually has higher interest rates so it’s important that you commit into paying it back to improve your credit score. Australian Lending Centre’s loan offerings are designed for all types of purposes – personal loans, business loans, low doc loans, small loans and bad credit history loans among others, but through the launch of their bad credit loans focused website, intended specifically for those with credit scores that are less than perfect, Australians can now easily qualify for a loan. The website itself provides a myriad of helpful information and resources to help anyone in a bad credit situation. It’s interactive and has a good balance of functionality and design improving the customer’s experience. The proof of a good website is when it shows up in the search results. The bad credit loans website has actually shot up from nowhere and is currently #19 for the search term “bad credit loans” which means that they are getting traffic – definitely a good sign for a newbie website. With over 20 years of experience in providing loan options to Australians nationwide, the company has helped thousands of customers with their financial crises. Australian Lending Centr specialises in financial services and offers a comprehensive range of loan options for people across Australia. Struggling with debt, especially with a bad credit is an extremely difficult situation to be in but with the help of lending companies such as the Australian Lending Centre who look beyond an individual’s credit file, many Australians can get started on being well on their way to financial freedom.

Sharepoint 2016 Release

sharepoint 2016     “The Board today judged that leaving the cash rate unchanged was appropriate at this meeting. Information on economic and financial conditions to be received over the period ahead will inform the Board’s assessment of the outlook and hence whether the current stance of policy will most effectively foster sustainable growth and inflation consistent with the target” – RBA Statement.
If the RBA is hawkish about the inflationary outlook of the economy and rises the interest rates it is considered bullish for the Australian dollar. Similarly, if the RBA has a dovish view on the Australian economy and keeps the ongoing interest rate, or cuts the interest rate, it is considered bearish. Regardless of whether the RBA increases, decreases, or maintains the interest rate, the decision of the RBA always has an effect on the Australian Dollar.
Increasing the interest rate appreciates the currency and decreasing the interest rate generally has a depreciating effect on the currency. There are 2 key ways in which forex traders can trade the Australian dollar with the RBA rate decision: Before the RBA delivers it’s decision:
~ If the RBA decision matches the market’s expectations then forex traders generally do not enter a trade either way.
~ If the RBA cuts interest rates when the market was expecting it to increase or to stay on hold, traders usually sell the Australia dollar.
~ If the RBA increases interest rates when the market was expecting them cut or to stay on hold, traders usually buy the Australian dollar. The other way is trading after the RBA has delivered it’s decision:
~ -If the RBA decision matches expectations; traders generally do not enter into a trade.
~ If the RBA cuts interest rates when the market was expecting it to increase or to stay on hold, traders usually sell the Australia dollar.
~ If the RBA increases interest rates when the market was expecting them cut or to stay on hold, trades usually buy the Australian dollar.
To trade the Australian dollar with an Australian forex broker visit and gain immediate access to foreign exchange trading.
About USG USG is a regulated Australian broker and holds an Australian Financial Services License. With the company head-quartered in Sydney, clients of USG are able to access the markets to trade major and exotic FX Currency Pairs, CFDs, indices and commodities.

Wise Group Solutions

WS Solutions_LOGO_CMYK Australia’s leading electronic security services provider, Wise Group Solutions has just launched a new website to showcase their comprehensive range of security services.

Wise Group Solutions offer an array of services including security cameras, back to base alarm systems, intercom systems for home, office or large residential buildings and commercial access control solutions which are suited to individual client’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective operational solutions.

They have a broad customer and geographic base – from individual homes to local companies, large multi-national corporations and government departments. The company operates across three specialised segments:

– Electronic Security

– CCTV surveillance systems, monitored alarms, access control and intercoms systems – Field Services, Recoveries, Investigations and Legal Support services – Protective Services

– Security Officers, Security Patrols and Security & Risk Consulting Wise Group Solutions offers the security of engaging with a service provider possessing a 30 year history, servicing many leading Australian and international corporations, banking and financial institutions, technology companies, insurance companies, construction companies, law firms, receivables management organisations, utilities companies, as well as a range of public and government authorities.

To learn more about the services offered by the company view their recent press release or visit their website:

Australian Retailer Saved By Mobile POS From Retail Express

The devastating April storms in NSW left many businesses without power and unable to trade but with the use of the mobile POS from Retail Express, Opposite Lock were able to recommence trading with ease.
retail-express-logo-2 “Mobile POS is a relatively new technology often overlooked by retailers but can be a very useful tool for businesses” said founder and CEO Aaron Blackman. “Without previously running a mobile POS in store, the Retail Express support staff had it up and running in less than 5 minutes” said Melanie Allerton, owner of the Newcastle Opposite Lock store. She went on to say “it was the perfect opportunity to grab email addresses as our receipt printer was out of action as well”.
The option to be mobile on a showroom floor gives retailers the ability to interact with customers right where they’re browsing. Whether they need a different color or are ready to complete the sale, the ability to have the POS software running on an iPad or Android tablet is very useful.
Retailers can use the full services of Retail Express POS on most tablet devices including:
•   Look up any item.
•   Make a sale.
•   Email a receipt.
•   Take customer details for future marketing purposes.
•   Do a transfer of stock to and from another store.
•   Combat showrooming by being present with the customer in store and answering any questions with the required search tools on hand.
“We’ve had several of our clients report a reduction in showrooming after initiating mobile POS in their stores” said Mr Blackman.
Given that customers are now opting for the convenience of mobile to answer any questions about a store, stock or reviews, having the ability to assist them on the showroom floor is priceless. The Retail Express mobile POS option comes standard as a feature of the software.
About Retail Express

Retail Express is Australia’s leading cloud based retail-operating software for small to medium sized businesses. They provide POS systems, inventory management and intelligent reporting to over 3000 businesses worldwide in fashion apparel, furniture, sporting and general retail. For more information and to learn about the pricing options and other POS Software available visit the Retail Express website:

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