If you have been considering the expansion of your small business storefront on social media platforms like Facebook, then you have to be a little more careful. It may seem an easy affair to deal with but in reality, it is extremely challenging. If the recent surveys are to be believed, the small businesses and small stores are doing still better than their larger counterparts when it comes to marketing and advertising on the social media, particularly Facebook. However, it can’t be denied that the business owners do have to face a good number of challenges when looking to establish storefronts on Facebook.

If you have a small business that is all set to exploring the all new revenue stream, here we are with some of the interesting tips and advices to assist you in getting started on your social storefront building.

Building Your Facebook Storefront

This is the first step and naturally the most challenging for new entrepreneurs and fresh business owners in the industry. Businesses can take help from some talented and experienced app developer for building their custom storefront. These apps also do have to offer plenty of social shopping features that can prove to be an amazing addition to your Facebook page. Some of them are free and a lot of them can also be upgraded for an increased level of functionality. Lot of others only charge a less monthly subscription free.

No matter what app you choose, getting started is still easy but don’t get caught up in the glamour. Once you have got your app installed, you can further add product listings, welcome page that would decently showcase the promotions and products. You must also choose to get clear on the payment options. Your apps can also incorporate tools that would help in the promotion of your storefront to all your prospects via blogs, websites and emails.

Personalizing Your Storefront

Make sure that you personalise your storefront to showcase all about your brand and to appeal to the customers and the fans you are more than willing to connect with. Don’t forget that you must add a human element to your overall brand image. It is only going to help you in connecting with your potential buyers.

In order to increase the sales, you can post tips and advices that are related with your industry. You can also choose to share blogs, images and articles that you feel can interest your customers or prospects. Interact with your fans and don’t skip adding some bit of appealing personality to your page. These can be some of the exceptional platforms that can go on to differentiating your small business with the others right from the time you begin. You can also get the products, discounts and special offers highlighted with the help of pin feature.

Be More Social

Being social will help you in building your community in true sense. Make sure that your page is active and ensure that it is a platform where you can meet and greet your prospects. Go for open ended questions and follow the interaction that follows!

You can also choose to grow your community in plenty of other ways. Join in the conversation with other businesses and their customers too! This is only going to help you in increasing your likeability and visibility.

Don’t Put All Eggs In Single Basket

We hope you got the punch line. Before you set up on Facebook, make sure that you have done enough research on Facebook and on whether your brand can survive on this platform. Ask your prospects whether they shall be willing to buy from your Facebook page. You also have to ensure that you are not ignoring your retail or website location once your brand is finally up there and ultimately running.

You must remember that not everyone is on Facebook and if all are there, everyone might not be interested in buying from there. Study your market and for a change – your own brand too!

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