The purpose of this article is to provide you a blueprint in introducing your online Network Marketing business to people. People who can successfully introduce their business seem to be making a lot of money from this business. Below are some of ways for introducing your business online.

Step 1 Look for people who are looking for business opportunity. You want to drive targeted traffic (visitors) to your site. The site that your visitors see should not belong to your company replicate site. The site you want them to see should offer a lot of values to your visitors. The main objective is to get your visitors to give their contact information to you.

Step 2 Build relationships with your prospect. You can do it by inviting them to become your friend in any social networking site like Facebook.com or Myspace.com.  The purpose is to get to know them better. You can even use Skype video conferencing to communicate with them real time.

Step 3 Establish your credibility. You can send Newsletters or email to your list of prospect. You can educate them how you help people like them solve certain problem. You may also want to include your personal story of how these products have helped yourself. This is the time to show evidence how other has benefited after using your products.

Step 4 Follow up with them. This is the most important step of the whole process and most commonly ignored. You must schedule a time to follow up with them and ask for their decision.

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