“Jazzing” Up Your Leadership Style


    In my city, there are quite a few billboards. Many of the billboards are being replaced with LCD type with rotating ads. This type of billboard made me think of the impact social media now has in our day to day business.

    Many businesses have used newspaper and billboards as a method of advertising their brand or service. However, with the proliferation of “Facebook” and “Twitter” there has been a new shift toward displaying or discussing your product or service(s) in there networks.

    Facebook gives you the ability to market to individuals or groups. Placing images and content is so easy. This enables friends or contacts to see your brand on their wall in a short period of time. Facebook also offers something that a stand alone website does not. It offers “interaction”. Your potential clients and customers can have a conversation with you, even if you are halfway around the globe.

    Twitter is very close to becoming a “Search Engine” for information, for individuals and for major corporations. Placing short links of relevant information in your “Tweet” sends the message to all of your “Followers”. These followers can also “Retweet” your message and their followers will see the retweet. This expands your message beyond your followers, to a new group of followers. There isn’t a billboard that can do that!

    Just these two social networks provide the opportunity to reach well over 500 million users. That alone would encourage you to join them and use the networks. That is more people being exposed to your product or service, than if you had billboards on all the major freeways in the USA.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5553471