Why Your Brochure Design Is Important?


    In his 1964 published book Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan coined his illustrious paradoxical phrase “Medium is the Message”, thereby meaning that the manner or from in which a message or content is delivered is of as much significance as the message itself. If we go by what this great communicator said almost half-a-century ago and if we accept that his idea stands relevant even in today’s world, it becomes all the more essential that the characteristic of the form in which we send out our message be as efficient as the latter one.

    Now as we extrapolate the above concept to your corporate identity, it would imply that every material-literary or application-based-that bears your logo on it carries with it not just that but also a piece of your business image. Whether it is the stationary merchandise embellished with your company’s name or bumper stickers showing your logo, it is an indirect representation of your identity. Would you check out luxury apartments if you read about them on a flyer in a shabby, rotten pub? Would you buy jewellery from reading about it on a garbage bin? Would you consider sending your child to a school that prints its brochure on a thin greyish paper?

    While flyers, posters, stationary etc are all very well crucial, it is your brochure that should be your biggest priority when it comes to image-building among your peers as well as prospective customers. A brochure is your declaration of quality, commitment, dedication and seriousness towards your business pursuits. Not only does a well-conceptualized brochure convey your refined professionalism but also goes to show your responsible approach; because as per McLuhan, the way you present yourself is a medium in itself and hence speaks beyond volumes about you.

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