Are You a Journalist? – How About a New Career in Technical Writing to Make Ends Meet?


    Journalism is exciting but tough. I should know. I’ve been a journalist for 4 years in mid-90s. I loved every minute of it but had a hard time making ends meet. I was an NPC (National Press Club) member reporter accredited both with the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Congress. That was all fine and dandy but money-wise the picture always looked bleak. So I had to throw in the towel in 1998 to feed my family. I shifted to technical writing and never looked back since then.

    I believe the situation got even worse since I left journalism. Back then the daily papers and periodicals were not in the trouble that they are in these days. Even industry leaders like the New York Times and Washington Post are suffering these days from declining advertisement revenues. The budgets are shrinking and it’s becoming harder and harder to find a lucrative position in print journalism.

    There are some opportunities in TV and radio but the Internet has really fragmented what was once a solid block of viewers and it’s not going to get any better any time soon. There are many new channels through which consumers are getting their news these days and they are not limited to traditional TV or radio. Who would have thought ten years ago that Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” a satire program, would end up as one of the highest rated “news programs” in the United States? There are many people who just watch the YouTube both for news and entertainment. Under such conditions to make a living as a traditional reporter and journalist is of course becoming a harder task than ever.

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